About Us
The USMEFAN is an Agricultural organisation, that aims to bring about development through effective, efficient exploration and utilisation of resources agriculture has to offer.
We are an association that sees agriculture as an area youth can engage in, in other to be a change agent. We assist and empower youths interested in venturing into agriculture
Infrastructure such as tractors, ploughs, information, trainings, lands are available at the disposal of students who are willing to exploit the resources innate in agriculture.
With the current goal of the government to diversify the economy, and switch to agricultural production, USMEFAN has seen it as only pragmatic and necessary to empower youths with the needed skills, trainings (agricultural seminars & workshops) and information that will help them work in line with the set goals, thereby bringing to development to the economy and inevitably to themselves.
Our Aim
To raise a generation of agriculture proactive youths that will pursue an agriculture revolution thereby bringing economic development to the nation and to the world
Empowering youth with agricultural skills needed to make them a productive and essential element to the society
Bringing about productivity and development through the effective use of resources agricultures has to offer, and
Creating leaders who have a perfect understanding of the potentials agriculture has to offer to mankind
What we do?
We organise youths together and equip them with the necessary requirements needed by them to pursue their agricultural goals.
Infrastructures such as tractors, irrigation system, ploughs, land, fertilisers, and access to valuable information through organising seminars and trainings among others are being provided to youths interested in agriculture.
The USMESFAN was created by Dr. Makanjuola Olaseinde Arigbede, who was formerly a lecturer in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, where he later retired to become a practicing farmer.
When he observed the predicament of poor farmers, and several health risks they were exposed to, as a result of the unhealthy farming practices they engage in, he decided to retire as a lecturer of neurosurgeon, and help the poor farmers by providing health facilities and services, after a period of time, he discovered that this to some extent improved the situation but was not effective.
After several contemplations, he thought, why not introduce a more productive method of farming to farmers, rather than the old and outdated method the farmers were used to. He then engaged the farmers in latest technique of farming, and agricultural input.
This led to a great change in both the health and economic wellbeing of farmers, he was then implored by the farmers to stay with them and continue to guide and educate them.
He could not resist and then he made a surprising move to retire from active teaching service to dwell with the farmer’s community in Ode-Omu.
He is the owner of a very large farm in Ode-Omu community.
Before his retirement, he observed the widespread vice and anti-social activities perpetrated by students in the Obafemi Awolowo University community, this prompted him to envision an agricultural association on campus that would assist student who have a passion for practising agriculture, but are challenged by their inability to procure the necessary information, trainings, and basic means of production especially land.
He approached Prof Rogers Makanjuola the then Vice- Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University and hinted him about the Association, it was appealing to the vice chancellor, prompting him to grant the Association about 250 hectares of land in the campus.
Subsequently, the Association has received assistance from different organisations and individuals.
Since the inception of the association, thousands of students have benefited either directly or indirectly from the association.
The Association continues her progressive activities which includes planting programmes, trainings, seminars among others.
We have over 200 members with more joining by the day.